Wow! We are getting alot of positive feedback from our recent project posts. That is exiting and encouraging, and we thankyou all very much. It is good (and kinda bad at the same time) in that it makes us realise just how little we actually communicate with others outside of our ongoing projects.

So… it seems kind of important to make a global update on what we are currently working on in one quick post to make navigating through our site easier. We dont really BLOG per-se… this site is just a way to make alot of information accessible for work currently underway as a data base. Projects developpement goes so fast that real-time updates are complicated… So if you are just now coming in for updates… well, that depends on what you are looking for…

Our work is not homogenous… public projects are long… like years long, and private projects are fast but very personal and private… It is often more complicated figuring out what we can, or should post at a certain time than not posting anything at all. Thus the reason that our posts are often sporatique – in splurges… and with long moments of silence. Generally it mean that we are too busy working on current projects with our clients to post anything at all.

Those who know our work are not supprised by this. For those on the outside… well, I guess it is not so obvious. So if you have made it this far – here is our work update : ** click on the image to see the projet and/or video presentation

Under construction :

RAM – LES JARDINS DUFOUR -28 logements – Immoblière 3F – Montreuil

Nice renovation and extension project for 28 social housing units in Montreuil near the “Jardins des pêche”. A sensitive infill project for one of our best clients – Immobilière 3F in a secteur that requires many labelisations – both environnemental construction (E+C-) and landscaping (Effinature/BiodiverCité). The demolitions on site are currently underway…

Finishing work :

PDC – Passerelle de Dhuys – Chessy Dampmart

Working on site integration and security. Or work currently involves finding ways to discourage people from hurting themselves. People seem to find the bridge an interesting diving board into the Marne… not very safe because of the height and danger involved… DO NOT DIVE OFF OF A BRIDGE into a river! See more of the project here

Recent finished work :

SYL – Maison Jaune – Restructuration Maison – BAGNOLET – Client Privé

It is always a pleasure and a privelege to work with wonderful clients on multiple projects. This one was extremely satisfying. A restructuration of an existing row house – transforming it into a beautiful Maison Jaune with gardens to live and work. After working on a boutique (rue des Francs bourgeouis) and a Loft/Atelier … you truly appreciate beautiful and demanding clients!

Project developpement :

D11 – 12 logements – rue de 11 novembre – OPH Drancy

An interesting bioclimatic-designed social housing project in the northern part of Drancy for OPH Drancy. Driven by a high quality/BIM designed proposal – this project is a bit of exposé of how we can design high quality social housing in a unique urban fabric with demanding environnemental and economical concerns. The construction permits were obtained last year for 17 units of social housing.. but the city would prefer only 12 units… so – redesign and re-permit put in last month! Construction documents for the improved and more economical redesign are currently underway!

SDN – rue Gabriel Péri – 60 logements – Bougues – Saint-Denis

A long term project for the developpement of a site in Saint Denis. The constraints of the site or unusually complicated site – transforming an existing hamam and garage into high quality appartements along a newly developped tram line. The link goes to the faisability study because the current developpement goes so quick that it is impossible to update here in a proper fashion. Currently in the construction permit process with Bouygues Immobilier (developpeur/promoteur) … more to come soon…

SER – Cour des Lilas – 20 logements – 14 collectifs + 6 maisons – LogiEst – SEREMANGE

This project came about after a open consultation by LOGIEST for an experimental BIM-developped project team (that would be us with OTE). After various proposals and public concertation – voilà le projet. The project has been put in for permits, and the construction developpement is currently under way – in fact what I am working on at this very moment…

LAV – La Ferrandinière – Restructuration partielel & Securisation piscine – Le Lavandou – Client Privé

A beautiful site (breath taking in fact) and interesting project for private clients.. so private that I can’t show you anything more at this time. But maybe there might be some site photos in the near future….

MBA – LOFT B* – Transformation & Resturcturation – Asnieres-sur-Seine – Client Privé

After we designed and obtained the construction permits last year… and many months of confinement… the clients decided to inlarge the scope of the project… the initial redesign has been validated… new permits and design developpement are underway. We never had time to post the intial design… now you will just have to wait to see more!

CUS – Loft/Studio for 3 Students – Paris 18° – Client Privé

This project is what got me inspired to share more…. Already convered in recent posts… ENTHOUSIASME and here too

SJR – Serre (Greenhouse) + Pergola

Making improvements to an existing house near the sea in Normandy… Adding in a greenhouse and pergola as part of a desire to design a healthy personal environnement to gather as a family, work and grow ones own food…

And… there is much more stuff in the works…

also a few projects that stopped for various and unfortunate reasons… (MSO / REM / FLA…) but that will be for other posts… when I get a chance to get around to it… In the meantime – have a great day – spend more time with your family – and eat healthy!


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