We Believe… in Kindergartens


We believe that we can improve our environment through design.  Healthy positively-charged environments – “Places & Spaces” where learning, breathing and sharing flourish in harmony. Places that are fun!

This is the reason we enjoy designing kindergartens.

We believe that kindergartens are the best place to create positive, fun and inspiring environments – first steps in society –  to improve the world by inspiring our youth with the desire to play, share and learn about one another, ourselves and respect our environment – together.

ecole-pers-dKindergartens are the place where it all starts, the first awakening – the first step in the discovery of life in society – the first social learning experience.

We believe it is possible to create an influential framework –  a fertile breeding ground – conductive to well-being, to sharing and respecting others and our environment.

We are fervently in favor of “fuzzy” structures where biodiversity reigns.

ecole-pers-cOur goal : to make spaces better, to create diversity, to make a positive impact, encouraging the young to make their world a better place.

We want learning spaces to be reference points of pride, of wishing – of desire to learn to learn – together.

Together-NESS – incentive for learning tolerance.

Places that are fun – integrated into their environment.

Like Mayonnaise : They are all deliciously mixed together – designing a better future.

Atelier VongDC … Making the world a better place. One project at a time…

But we don’t stop with Kindergartens… Take a look some of our other Learning environments :


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