026-IIB “Infinite Interior”

Restructuration d’un plateau de la tour Pheonix autour de concept ‘Infinite Interior’ // 250m2 // Concours International Invité – 2004 – Pheonix City, Beijing CHINE // 1ére Biennale d’Architecture de Pekin // Exposition du 20 septembre 2004 au 20 février 2005

Where is the “infinite”. What holds those qualities that we cannot describe yet secretly earn to possess?

There is no “ready-made” answer to this question.

The infinite resides not in the presence of substance, but in that of void, that beyond the horizon, without limits.

The infinite lies within, in the human soul, – inspired by balance, harmony and contrast, and regenerated in space, sound and texture.

The one constant in life is the exceptional capacity of man to adjust to his ever-changing environment.

We set out to orchestrate an environment, using the elements (earth, fire, water, metal, wood, air) as spiritual guides – in a sensorial and spatial play of “functional forms”, “regenerators”, and “respiration” searching to invoke Aether, the essential void.

The rest lies within you. .

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