C18 – Rue Caillié

C18 DSCF5911This project for 40 social apartments along a narrow street is our homage to Paris – brick, creamy render, shuttered windows, zinc roofs, sheer gables. A layered sequence of thresholds and spaces leads from public to private worlds, culminating in generous open-air landings at every apartment’s front door.

Street view - 1-3 rue Caillié Photo N.Borel

Photo N.Borel

Rebuilding the street as part of the regeneration of this part of the city

Project conceived as a sequence of layers and thresholds – at the level of the city,  from the boulevard to the park; and at the level of the building, from the street, through gardens, courtyards and stairs, to the large terrace-like landings and home

It is our homage to Paris, and to this faubourg; a calm rhythmic street front with regular openings and shuttered windows, pale creamy render, warm brick, zinc roofs

Gardens between our buildings widen the walls of this narrow corridor-like street, bringing in light, air, greenery, animation and depth

C18 DSCF5936 CR

These intervals reveal interior worlds of planting, colour and texture, set against the cliff-like backdrop of the mighty 19th century gable wall that runs the length of our site

The gardens, courtyards, generous landings and balconies are places for people to live, sit out, meet, play and interact

All apartments have at least two aspects – sometimes three – and those on the uppermost floors use the height offered by the rising and dipping roof line

C18 - Exterieur 1-11 rue Caillé

Graphics – Rendu
Construction Views – Chantier
Street Views
Jardin/Courtyard Views
1-11, 6 & 10 rue Caillé / Paris 18° ( 75 )
Construction de 40 logements Biolcimatiques THPE
Client : SIEMP
Equipe : Atelier Vong DC, Mandataire – Julie HOWARD & Sam MAYS Architectes / SNC Lavalin – IDF (BET TCE) / Lamoureux Acoustics
Construction : FRANCILIA – Entreprise Générale / COLOMBO (démolitions)
Concours 2006 – PROJET LAUREAT – Réalisation – livraison février 2012

To see more :

Visite 2019

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