ATM – Athis-Mons

ATM - Atelier VongDC - Photo N.Borel

ATM – Atelier VongDC – Photo N.Borel

2012_logo_EAE3Lauréat EAE#3 – 3ème édition d’Essonne Aménagement Exemplaire

The challenge was how to respond to two very different environments – small, low-rise, low density houses and gardens on one side (the street), large high-rise postwar slabs on the other (the garden).


To the street, this high-density apartment building is treated as a group of townhouses, their scale and rhythm inspired by the brownstones of New York, fitting harmoniously into the established neighbourhood and reinstating the continuity of the urban fabric.

To the garden it appears as a single large building with small houses on its roof.

Between front and back, within the thickness of the building, are canyons of light and colour that open it up to light, air and nature.

Fitted in under the uplifted living floors, all the collective areas are generously dimensioned and opened to air and the gardens on the lower  level as a positive response to the river overflow regulations.

This project received a EAE#3 prize for “Housing and Urban Forms” as well as a BATEX (BATiment EXemplaire) for Accessibility by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development in France.

051 – ATM
141-147 Ave. du 18 avril 1944 / Athis-Mons – Ile de France ( 91 )
Construction de 42 logements PLS – THPE 2005 C-ref -20%
Client : Immobilière 3F
Equipe : Atelier Vong DC, Mandataire – Julie HOWARD Architecte / Lamoureux Acoustique / CAPET (BET Fluides) / / ECOTECH (économie)
Construction : SACIEG – Entreprise Générale / COLOMBO (démolitions)
Concours 2008 – PROJET LAUREAT – Réalisation – livraison février 2012

2012_logo_EAE3Lauréat EAE#3 – 3ème édition d’Essonne Aménagement Exemplaire

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