CSY – Ideal City – Shenyang

The total land area is 489,000m2. The land is located at the outside of north east ring road of the city and within the area of University City of Shenyang. With the formal approval of Central State Bureau on 22nd of November 2006, the new city of Shenyang is established.  On the west side of the land is Liaoning University ( Liaoning is the north province of China and capital of the province is Shenyang), on the southeast of the land is Shenyang Institute of Aviation Industry, and west side of the land is 101 national road. The land is 4 kilometers to the third ring road of Shenyang city.  

The total land is divided into north part and sout part by an municipal planning road.  The land nature is the mixed land of residential and commercials.

The total land area above the ground is around 800,000m2 and the underground area is around 150000m2, among which the commercial and public buildings is 120000m2. The volume ratio is 1.6, and high building needs to be built along side of 101 national road.

  • «IDEAL CITY» ville nouvelle – 0.8 Km² habitat+ 0.12 Km² commerces/équip. 50Ha – SHENYANG – CHINE
  • Client : AST Immobilien GMBH
  • Atelier VongDC / Impression Design Studio – Julie Howard + XU Hua Architectes – Urbanistes Associées
  • Etudes 2007 – Projet Suspendu

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