Somethings you just have to share

A lot of what we do goes by without any time to share with others. We out all of our energy into our projects and the quality for our clients. Perhaps it  more commercially advantageous to do more publicity… but… we all must make choices… All of our energy goes into our projects for our clients!

Recently we were contacted for a low budget project where are ability to see the potential for a small space and design optimally can truly be appreciated. We see it as an occasion to showcase what we call “Conception Dynamique©”!

RECORD TIME ! This project was designed, developped, presented and validated in less than 24 hours. The construction is already programmed to begin in October!

BIM/REVIT – The annimation is a simple Revit* walkthrough. It allows us to see what is most importand for us – the space / scale / respiration / natural light. Based on the budget and specific choices fo the client – the materials / colors / furnishings will change the overall rendering. The time and energy required to integrate all of these details into the model bog down the process and limit the potential of the project – especially for one of such a small scale.

MOVAVI – Doing quick simple and small sized videos to present the walkthroughs has been a challenge. Exported files are huge even for low resolution ones… Before all of the animations had to go through other programs to improve the quality of the render… These manipulations required more time and effort that did not contribute directly to the improvement of the project… The challenge has been to find a simple tool that conserves the quality of the annimation that we can observe directly through Revit while allowing a max of small scale video additions – text / sound / montage…. We have found a new friend with Movavi Video Editor! This presentation was done in less than an hour – first time attempt!

We will be posting the progress on the project page here and via site visit reporting.. We are exited! And we hope you are too! Please feel free to comment/critique below and share with friends!

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