May Day… fête de travail

May 1st… a Saturday this year… a nice day to just enjoy nature and not work.

Café at sunrise…

This year started with a lovely sunrise… took the time to drink a few cafes in your new greenhouse…

Work in progress…

The work is progressing slowly… using the small bit of free time between turning in multiple dossiers de candidatures and starting new Chantiers/construction sites.

Organic and local food…

A calm morning is a wonderful time to appreciate all of the homegrown organic veggies that are beginning to take form… still protecting the strawberries and melons at the moment – but it is nice to have all of the other plants uncovered in the nice weather.

Morning shadows …

Learning a lot about patience with flower beds. The funny thing is that with all of the slowdowns with the different lockdowns – it seems that it is easier to appreciate the time that is needed for things to grow in a sustainable manner…

I hope you all have a wonderful day. It is a good time to be grateful.


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