SJR – greenhouse and planting update

The weather changes at the moment are making improvements more interesting. You can feel spring right around the corner… all the intitial hard work is making each and every new bit easier and easier.

March 7th…

Using movable pavers was both an economic as well as évolutive choice. The alignment and level can be easily modified au fur et a mesure… for some reason everything keeps getting higher… adding in more compost … more sand to reduce the heap left over from the foundation excavations…

Using the Charles Dowding method of “les moyens de bord” – what you already have on site… to make a bean trellis while waiting to put up the pergola… Hopefully that will happen this fall… the design of the pergola over the beds will allow for chains to be suspended over the center of each one… but in the mean time… some recuperated wood and grillage left over in the barn made an adequate installation.

The Bean Trellis

The lattes between the beds are leftover “wood” tile planks from the office installation.

By popular demand the greenhouse was cleaned up – adding a bit of deco to make the “veranda” part more comfortable.

Veranda side…

The shelves were moved to the “greenhouse” planting side… all of the storage has been moved to the garage just behind… one day soon the watering system and sink will be fitted in…

Greenhouse – planting/germination side

The past few days have been mixed between charetting on projects that will soon go to site – fitting in pavers – and putting in more plants.

Now is a good time for all types of cabbage … Chou-fleur – broccoli are fitted in between salad next to the Bruxelles sprouts that were planted in December.

Plate-bande Choux

The bean trellis doubles as a climbing structure for “courges” – squash.. just added in Butternut, courgettes, petit marron, and small pumpkin…

Bean and squash trellis

Not sure if the leeks are going to ever get with the program… but all of the Arc-en-ciel carrots were growing in so dense from the December seeding that they needed to be pricked out and spread around… added in some new orange ones as well

Carrots and leek bed

They say “grow what you eat” so… that requires a lot of variety in salads as well as ognions… so the bed closest to the greenhouse is all ognions and salads (roquette too despite the fact that we generally use the leaves of wild mustard that grows everywhere in the grass).

Salad / onion bed

One of my dearest friends and clients told me that her mother always planted tomatoes – roses and strawberries together… last year we did a first attempt at the rose/tomatoes setup which worked so well that this year we have kicked into 2.0 mode with gobs of gariguette strawberries! Most of the tomatoes are still growing in the greenhouse… and will be added in later…

Rose/tomato/strawberry bed

Other additional beds for flowers and herbs are in progress… but now it is time to go back to the work that pays the bills!

Herb bed

If you have come this far… Thank you for your interest. Always open to feedback and advice. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Light at the end of the greenhouse…

#beartaria #beartariafrance

To see more : Project plus other site visits… with video Here and planting update here

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