Bonne Année 2023 + Holiday site visites

Every year presents its challenges and new perspectives. 2022 was no exception. Time, engagement and persistance are essential to our work. Setbacks and delays have always been part of the professional landscape… However, this past year has been a trying one due to many new obstacles, contractor deficiencies, admisistrative delays, all new challegenges to integrate into our work.

It is always good to see how a project evolves over time, and how it is lived in after all the dust and stress of construction has settled.

This Holiday season in Haute Normandy was a lovely opportunity to revisite 2 réalisations… 1 old… 1 new.

First of all … la Maison Porté – Réalisation 2005 + aménagements extérieures 2017

Always nice when your client has a drone….

And now for the new and most recent Villa Waasdorp remodel…

We are very lucky to have such wonderful private clients that allow us to enjoy this wonderful part of projects that often take time to evolve and find their reperes.

We are also very happy to celebrate the positivity and engagement of our public and private clients and partenaires that are currently engaged to overcome these challenges to build better environnements for the future in Drancy, Seremange, Montreuil, Asnieres (x2), Dampierre en Yvelines, Paris, .

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2023! May it be full of beautiful projects, joy and gratitude!

– The Happy Architects

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