Getting it together

As everyone we have so much work that it is often difficult to take the time to put things in order.

Taking the time to say, hey! Maybe things would be better if I just took the time to do a bit of spring cleaning… in November.

Sorting out stuff and boxing up old projects and the elements that you are obliged to keep for 20 years is intense. And not that interesting TBT… but it is also a time to look back on what is important in what you do and what really matters.

When you rip apart old models that you thought were important to keep (for some crazy nonsensical reason) but then realise that you live in Paris and that storage space is expensive… you have to make choices.

We all need #spacetobreathe and time to reflect. Balance / équilibré is essential. It is tedious and painful… but also important to remember what is truly important.

Wishing you all to take the time to do a bit of cleaning house. Hope to see you soon with some more constructive posts… literally !


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