New projects in the HOUSE!

Starting off this new year with rocking new projects for VongDC!

First off thanks to the many new clients and their confidence in our atypical Dynamic Design methods* and desires to build a more efficient and environmentally friendly architecture oriented by bio climatic design and sustainable construction development techniques!

More about those methods to come in future posts, but in the midst of our current bustling activité, we just want to take a second to share some of these Nouveautés :

D11 / rue du 11 Novembre // DRANCY

17 Logements Sociaux / NPRNU “Gaston Rouland” 116/118 rue du 11 Novembre / 93700 DRANCY Client : OPH DRANCY

This urban renewal housing project in the northern part of the city came out of a competitive negotiated contract with the OPH Drancy. When asked about our Methodology – it was more interesting to show how we work through a concrete example of Dynamic Design° using our sketch to reality #BIM conception methods to show the potential for the site. The project is currently in the design development stages after integrating the new demands of our enthusiastic clients!

SER // Cour des Lilas / Serémange-Erzange

Scenario 1 – 17 logements collectifs + 6 maisons intermédiares

Scenario 2 – 14 logements collectifs + 6 maisons intermédiares

Another competitive negotiation for a mixed type social housing development for LOGIEST on the hills of Serémange near Metz along the eastern German border of France. The project involves the construction of 6 maisons intermédiares (city houses) and minimum 14 collective housing units on a sloped site in an urban context under the RNU (Reglement National d’Urbansime) laws defining non PLU based urban development. We call it the rule of “bon voisinage et bon sens” urban design. This is a first for us to design with this new context. We enthusiastic that our project will bring about positive change for future developments. Fingers crossed!

Our client desires to develop new projects using BIM design technologies. This project is to be used as an exemplary prototype for future projects. Our first scenarii were presented in less than 15 days of our initial meeting with the LOGIEST team! Probably the most engaging initial Esquisse presentation to date for a start to project (complete development of 2 unique scenarios +35 pages of general presentation in addition to the specific plans/sections/facades/perspectives/analytical information of the individual parts of 5 independent parts…)… see a bit here

Many wonderful developments to come!

RAM // Les Jardins Dufour / Montreuil-sous-Bois


Les Jardins Dufour / 26 logements / 208-210 rue de Rosny et 1/11 rue de Jardins Dufour / Montreuil Client : Immobilière 3f

Following an initial competition in February 2018 for 39 social housing units for Immobilière 3F that was never judged based on opposition from local associations demanding less density + a modification of the urban PLU reglementation. The initial project responses were never opened before a jury….

A second phase of the competition was launched late 2018 for 26 housing units… Our response was a “variation sur une theme” of our initial project with a few interesting twists. We were informed of our selection just before Christmas! What a nice present!

We are currently involved in optimizing the design for cost effective development while maintaining our environmental orientations.


And… Last but not least –

REM // Les Petits Venelles / Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse


Ok… this was a win from the summer of 2018… BUT we never got around to presenting the project. In the meantime the design has undergone many evolutions and demands from both the city and local associations for Density as well the client for cost effectiveness.

While this process makes it almost impossible to present the project as an easily understandable whole… we do embrace the challenge!

You can see our initial public presentation here

Much more to come… So thankyou for your time, and stayed tuned!

(*BIM / REVIT / AI Robots / Bioclimatic / Biodiverse Design / Dialogue….)


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