Discovering a new neighborhood

We are very pleased to discover that our Passerelle des Grands Moulins is on the cover of the Paris Rive Gauche Neighborhood Guide ! SEMAPA is doing a brilliant job orchestrating and developing and revalorising  these areas!! Take the time to discover the different circuits first hand with this amazing guide in hand!!


Our personal favorite is Circuit 3 ! An amazing place to discover at any time of the year!


Masséna, the age of the city and its Parisian version

“In the university sector, Christian de Portzamparc benefited from exceptional conditions to pave the way for a new type of urban form and dialogue between the coordinator and the architects. … 

… Between Rue Neuve Tolbiac and Rue Watt, we encounter two widely differing situations. The land around the Grands Moulins has been terraced in a gentle slope down to Avenue de France, but the rail tracks beyond still have to be spanned to reach Rue du Chevaleret. The term “urban grove” favoured by Christian de Portzamparc is a perfectly apt description of the vast and generous neighbourhood of the Grands Moulins. …
The innovative rules of urban organisation which the architect-coordinator established gave the architects considerable leeway, while fostering the appearance of gardens and courtyards visible from the street. They also permitted the urban integration of the multiple university buildings.”

The best way to view the area is by walking across our footbridge, suspended over the beautiful garden. At night the dynamic LED lighting accompanies passersby with fanciful colorplay! We like it! We hope that you will too!


Construction: 2008
Architect: Agence Vong DC
Running 42 metres in length, this structure overlooks the Abbé-Pierre – Grands Moulins garden, which can be used to cross during closing hours, thereby directly reaching Rue Marie-Andrée-La-Groua-Weill-Hallé and Rue Marguerite- Duras.
The route is enlivened by sheets cut in the deck of the bridge whose finesse they serve to showcase.

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